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18.5" EJ Jumeau All Original French Bebe


Pressed bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood and signed Jumeau body with straight wrists. The original arms are made of wood! An extremely rare feature. Gorgeous blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke brows, closed mouth with shading and accents, applied and pierced ears , lovely original light brown mohair wig in original curly set. She wears her original and extraordinarily beautiful antique pale blue silk dress with fabulous insertion lace, dropped waist with pleated skirt, large blue silk bow original antique underwear. Also wearing antique blue net socks and antique French brown leather shoes with brown silk rosettes incised with a running greyhound dog and PARIS underneath. Also wearing an antique silk brocade bonnet with metallic lace trim, antique pin on her dress and antique bead earrings.

MARKS:                     DEPOSE
                               E 8 J
                             T (tick mark)

Blue Stamp on wooden body:
                            Medaille D’Or

CONDITION: Excellent! The perfect and exquisite head with the finest quality pale bisque, glowing color, expert painting of delicate features, crisp modeling of one of the prettiest Jumeau faces ever produced with the distinctive almond cut eyes and softer earlier brows. The body in clean and original finish condition but two fingers are rebuilt. This strikingly pretty example of the desirable EJ Jumeau is sure to become a family heirloom. She has beautiful, hypnotically captivating blue eyes. What a pleasure it would be to actually own her! A RARE FIND WHEN ALL ORIGINAL AS WELL!

PRICE: $18,000

REDUCED: $13,000


Pressed bisque socket head on signed Bru bisque shoulder-plate with molded bosom on original Chevrot kidskin body (with remnants of original paper labels) with lovely bisque hands, pin jointed at the elbows and jointed at the shoulders having kid over wood upper arms and carved wooden lower legs. Lovely blue paperweight “BEDROOM” eyes with delicately painted upper and lower lashes, finely feathered light brows, closed full mouth with shading and accents and distinctly modeled tongue between the lips, dimpled chin, pierced ears with glass bead earrings, original cork pate with a possibly original golden mohair close cropped and sparse, plus she wears a beautifully hand crafted modern mohair wig in golden blond. Dressed in a beautifully crafted mint green frock with cream shirred bodice and loely ecru lace trim, original antique full slip and matching pantaloons, antique blue knit stockings and antique French black leather shoes which may be original, fabulous antique blue velvet bonnet with brown velvet top and blue ruffled ribbon trim and flowers, plus a gorgeous antique enameled oval pin on her dress.

MARKS: on head:

on plate:

Labels on her chest are mostly un-intelligible

CONDITION: Excellent. The head and plate without hairlines, or restoration. The fine quality bisque with sensitive and delicate painting of features, very crisp modeling of captivating face with exquisite modeling around her “melt your heart”, hypnotic deep blue “bedroom” eyes and characteristic Bru Jne somewhat pouting mouth with a distinct and cute, desirable molded tongue and extremely full lips. There are very minor rubs to the lips and left cheek and both ear pierce holes have chips. Otherwise, the head is perfect and so is the shoulderplate. The difference in the number marks on the head and plate is not unusual for the Bru factory as they believed the head of a baby should be larger in relation to the body than that of an older child or adult, so they often paired smaller bodies with larger heads. This was also done to accommodate certain costuming choices. The bisque lower arms with delicately modeled hands, but the left hand having been restored and both original wooden feet with a very old repaint. This is indeed one of the shining stars the French Belle Epoch! And her diminutive size only adds to her desirability and status as one of the true Aristocrats of the Antique doll world! Here is your opportunity to own this unbelievable gem!!!

PRICE: $21,000.

15" Bebe Brevette by Bru 1879-1880


Pressed Bisque socket head on Bru composition and wood body. Lovely penetrating amber/brown spiral paperweight eyes with delicately painted upper and lower lashes, mauve eye shadow, softly feathered light brows, closed mouth with shading and accents, slightly molded tongue between the lips, pierced ears with pretty clear and blue earrings, lovely antique blond mohair wig over cork pate. Dressed in a wonderful antique ecru dotted Swiss cotton dress with pin-tucked bib, openwork and lace trim, lovely antique cream silk sash with pretty antique bow and silk flower, antique chemise with wonderful fully embroidered hem with open work, matching pantaloon, antique pink socks with green edge trim and antique French black leather shoes with oval metal buckles impressed “Mode de Paris,” wonderful matching antique bonnet with multitudinous pin-tucks, copious rows of ruffled lace, cream silk ribbon work with loops and bows, finished off with a sweet little antique abalone bar pin. WOW, WHAT A DOLL!


CONDITION: Excellent. SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! The size 5 Bru Jne is known as the most perfect rendition of this mold. Her dreamy light brown eyes and antique mohair wig make her even more desirable. Her costume is exquisite. She has lovely quality bisque with sensitive and delicate painting of features, very crisp modeling of captivating face with soft and tender modeling. Teeny chip to the left ear pierce hole, slight lightening of the tip of the nose. The original composition Bru body with original finish but showing some minor wear and the left hand has 2 re-glued original fingers. This Bru has one of the most sought after faces in antique dolls gorgeous light brown paperweight eyes and the characteristic, somewhat puckered mouth. This is indeed one of the shining stars the French Belle Epoch! A wonderful cabinet sized model she is sure to enhance your collection with her renowned status as one of the true Aristocrats of the Antique doll world!

PRICE: $15,500.

20" Kammer & Reinhardt 114 "Gretchen" Character with Rare Sleep Eyes


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood German doll body. Blue sleep wyes with light tapered brows, closed "pouty" mouth with well modeled lips, dimpled cheeks, original light blond mohair wig plus her original short dark blond mohair wig. Dressed in a tan, grey, rose and beige plaid antique cotton dress, antique slip with openwork embroidery, long cotton pantaloons, wonderful matching plaid socks, antique black oilcloth shoes with high heels and metal buckles, antique cream frilly bonnet with lace trim.

MARKS:                       K & R

CONDITION: EXCELLENT. Fine quality lovely bisque head with expert painting of features, pleasant color, wonderful modeling of fabulous character face with that definitive "pouty" expression that most antique doll connoisseurs admire. Wonderful original blue sleep eyes are rare as this doll normally comes with molded and painted eyes. A teeny amount of very minor and typical wig pulls under the wig. The original body in good original finish condition normal age wear and a repair pinky finger on the right hand. Wow! I'm having trouble parting with this fantastic doll-but I know she'll find a loving home. She is an outstanding example of the most desirable “Gretchen” pouty character! Every serious antique doll collector wants one of these!

PRICE: $11,000



Bisque socket head on a fully jointed, chunky and original Jumeau French composition and wood body. Lovely blue paperweight, painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke brows, open mouth with shading and accents, six upper teeth, pierced ears with lovely goldtone and coral diamond shaped earrings, wonderful blond mohair wig with lavish curls and extensions. Wearing a stunning olive green silk bebe frock completely fashioned from exquisite portions of a Victorian antique dress with bronze silk pleated trim, antique lace trim, double pleated hem, crocheted hem trim, fabulous matching bonnet with long self silk ties, matching antique half slip, short chemise and pantaloons with button closures (some minor tears), wonderful high silk net antique stockings, nice handmade brown leather shoes in the Jumeau fashion. A very authentic presentation!

1907 (incised)

CONDITION: There is an extremely faint hairline at the upper right crown rim (see trans-illuminated photo). Otherwise, she has lovely quality bisque head with expert painting of features, crisp modeling of sweet face, pleasant color and original paperweight eyes with original setting. The original body in good, sturdy condition but with an old, heavy repaint, signs of wear at the joints with repairs at the shoulder sockets of the torso and discoloration of the feet due to the shoes. A stunning beauty which will definitely hold a place of honor in your collection and remain as a treasured family heirloom!!!!


19.5" Gebruder Heubach Coquette with Blue Hair Bow


Solid domed bisque shoulder head on kidskin body with bisque lower arms. Blue intaglio eyes, tapered brows, open/closed smiling mouth with ten molded teeth, deeply dimpled cheeks molded and painted blond hair with molded and painted aqua blue head band with molded bow on the right side. Dressed in a nice floral print cotton dotted Swiss antique dress with lace, newer underwear, white socks and cream oilcloth shoes missing straps but tied with pretty blue bows, matching bows at the waist and sleeves.

MARKS:                      (Heubach Sunburst insignia)
Red Label on torso:        Cork Stuffed

CONDITION: Excellent ! Fine quality bisque head with crisp and deep modeling of adorable smiling character face, expert and detailed painting of features, pleasant color. Wonderful character modeling with deep dimples and flashy colors! The body in good sturdy original condition with perfect bisque arms and hands. Minor wear at the pin joints, the arms are securely re-attached with fabric and swing nicely (easy for dressing). This uncommon mold has a very charming expression. A very desirable Heubach Character girl in a larger size!!!


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