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27.5" Francois Gaultier Bebe


French bisque socket head on a jointed French composition and wood FG body. Lovely large almond shaped blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke brows, closed “rosebud” mouth, pierced ears, dimpled chin, lovely light blond mohair wig. Dressed in a wonderful antique white cotton dress with eyelet openwork, fine multitudinous vertical pintucks, over an antique pink cotton under-dress with lace trim, antique half slip with lace hem, antique fitted onsie with lace trim and rear closure, antique pink silk ribbon at the dropped waist, antique cream stockings, beige leatherette shoes, antique frilly lace and organdy bonnet with elaborate shirring and high brim, all finished off with a stunning antique gold front Victorian bar pin with delicate scrollwork designs! WoW! What a fabulous presentation!.

MARKS:                       11
                               F.G. (scroll mark)

CONDITION: A slight hairline to the upper left crown rim descends halfway down the forehead and there is a small factory inherent chip to the right crown rim no bigger than a pencil eraser. She has fine quality very pale bisque with skilled painting of features, pleasant color and crisp modeling of the most endearing, angelic face with her tender almond eyes and serene expression. The original FG body is in fine original finish condition with typical age wear and very minor paint flaking., but the original hands and lower legs have been repainted.. She is the true picture of pure innocence and cherubic beauty! Wow!! I just love this face! And what a fantastic antique dress she sports!!!!!……

20" Tete Jumeau Bebe All Original

with Original Jumeau Parasol & Signed Jumeau Shoes

Bisque socket head on a fully jointed Jumeau body with straight wrists. Lovely bulbous and watery blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke brows, closed mouth with shading and accents, applied ears, pierced ears with antique glass bead earrings, original blond mohair wig with original cork pate. Wearing a very pretty original antique ecru wool bebe frock with lace and pink ribbon trim, pink silk bows, antique underwear, antique black net socks, antique black leather original Bee signed size 9 Jumeau shoes with original silk bows, very pretty antique wool on wire frame bonnet with applied flowers, antique bar pin on her dress. EXTRA BONUS! She also comes with her original famous Jumeau parasol with molded brass greyhound dog head handle, pretty ecru silk top with lace edge all in working order but starting to melt in certain areas. WOW___What a find!

MARKS:                      DEPOSE
                           TETE JUMEAU
                           Bte S. G. D. G.
on body                      JUMEAU
(BLUE STAMP):            Medaille d’Or

CONDITION: Excellent. This gorgeous head with fine quality paler bisque and EJ style modeling, subtle coloring, expert painting of features, crisp modeling innocent and pretty face. The original body in excellent condition with the original finish but having typical minor wear around the joints. A darling version of the very desirable and sought after Jumeau with blue eyes. This original charmer comes to you straight from the past with so many stories hidden in her eyes and her original parasol to keep her complexion a pure pale tone!!!!

17" Eden Bebe French Child Doll


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed French body with straight wrists and loose balls at hips and shoulders wrists and elbows, straight knees. Beautiful blue almond cut paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke stacked brows, closed mouth with molded tongue between the lips, pierced ears, dimpled chin, lovely honey blond mohair wig she also comes with her original short brown human hair wig. Wearing a lovely antique chartreuse moiré silk dress with black ribbon trim, self ruffled sleeves and hem, 3 layers of lace trimmed original antique underwear, blue net socks, antique black French leather shoes, antique black wired bonnet pretty, antique black filigree bar pin in the shape of a bow on her dress.

MARKS:                    EDEN BEBE

CONDITION: Excellent. The lovely head with fine bisque, pleasant peachy color, expert painting of delicate features, crisp modeling of tender and sweet face resembling the Bru Jne model. The body in clean and sturdy condition but with some minor and typical flaking and paint wear to joints and hands are repainted. This wonderful Bebe is so adorable! A real little charmer! Tuck her in a little corner of your heart!!

  PRICE: $4,100.

REDUCED: $3,700

10" Henrie Pintel Twin French Bebes


Bisque socket heads on a five piece jointed composition and wood French doll bodies with straight wrists. Blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, feathered thick brows, closed mouths, lovely honey blond mohair wigs. Dressed in lovely bebe style dresses of pale pink with lace and blue ribbons, underwear, black stockings, one wears lovely antique black leather French shoes with metal medallions and the other wears very nice antique cream leather German doll shoes. Both have pretty blue silk bows in their hair.

MARKS:                   S. 10 H. 1079

CONDITION: Generally Excellent. Both heads have very fine quality bisque with pleasant coloring, delicate painting of features. Crisp modeling of the very pretty French faces. One head has a firing split behind the right ear. The original French bodies in fine original finish condition. These twin sweethearts are so special. How often can you find a pair of French bebes? They have been together for a long time and I will sell them both for one price.

22" Simon & Halbig 1009 in Antique Costume


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood body. Large blue sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, flat stacked brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, dimpled chin, pierced ears with pretty antique turquoise earrings wonderful blond mohair wig. Dressed a pretty and antique white cotton dress with rows of insertion lace, dropped waist dress with matching pantaloons, antique blue silk sash and matching hair bows, antique muslin chemise, antique cream socks with blue stripes, and antique blue leather shoes, antique gold front bar pin.

MARKS:                   S. 10 H. 1079

CONDITION: Excellent. Lovely bisque with expert and delicate painting of features, crisp modeling, pleasant coloring. One teeny flake at the left ear pierce hole. The original body with original finish and in very good condition with typical age wear and one finger repaired. A very pretty girl as sweet as they come!!!

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19" Rare Schenhut Character Pouty

circa 1911

Carved wood socket head on a fully jointed spring strung wood body with joints at the shoulders elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. Blue painted intaglio eyes, closed pouting mouth, original dark blond human hair wig. Dressed in an antique tan jumper with MOP buttons, pockets, blue antique shirt with MOP buttons, maroon and blue striped antique wool knit socks (some holes) black oilcloth shoes, antique straw hat with black edge.
MARKS:   Oval Sticker on the back:
                          SCHOENHUT DOLL
                         Pat. Jan. 17th 1911

CONDITION: Generally Excellent. Original facial paint is intact and mostly clean with some fading. This is a rare head with the early pouting features. The original body still functioning and posing properly and with original finish and one baby finger on the right hand broken off. A really wonderful Schoenhut with so much appeal!



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