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20" Stupendous Leopold Lambert French Automaton "The Butterfly Catcher"

circa 1890

Tete Jumeau poured bisque head with flat cut neck socket, bisque shoulder plate and bisque hands, wooden carved stationary legs standing on a gold velvet covered base. The doll holds a butterfly net with a blue butterfly with her right arm which is actually supported by a metal rod from the torso. Her left arm balances a parasol with flowers and butterflies suspended on wires flitter around the left arm. When a brass key protruding the right of the base is wound and a lever is released, the Butterfly girl displays several movements to a musical air. Her right arm moves up and down several times rapidly as if trying to catch a butterfly, as this is happening, her head tilts up and down and rotates right to left. At the same time a butterfly suspended on a wire in front of her is moving back and forth and trembling on the end of the wire. What marvelous sensation it must have been to Victorian admirers!
She has lovely brown paperweight eyes with long painted upper and lower lashes, thick multi stroke arching brows, a closed sensuous mouth with shading and accents, pierced ears with original Jumeau earrings, original auburn mohair wig over cork pate. She is dressed in her mostly original pale cream and gold silk and lace silk dress with maroon silk ribbons, matching hat. There are some replaced segments including her skirt (but original maroon skirt with metal lace is still underneath, but overall it is still quite presentable. She holds a maroon silk closed parasol in worn condition with cloth flowers draped on top and and ivory handle with brass ring.

MARKS:                 DEPOSE (red stamp on back of head)
                      TETE JUMEAU
                         Bte SGDG

CONDITION: The head has been broken and restored, but the face still presents well. The bisque hands are perfect. The mechanism is in good working order but probably could use a little oiling .
COMMENTS: This very rare and desirable automaton has many outstanding features. Lambert employed Jumeau heads in the early 1880s to create this unique automaton—and very few were likely produced. A rare and very desirable Automaton-hardly ever seen!
What an honor to offer this wonderful piece of doll history!!

18" Rare Brown Simon & Halbig 1009

All Original Child

Bisque socket fired-in brown head on a fully jointed original brown composition and wood body. Brown fixed eyes with painted upper and lower lashes multi stroke black brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, original short curly black mohair wig. Dressed in her wonderful original muslin dress with net lining, fancy zigzag bib, red silk encased buttons , box pleated dropped skirt, blouson bodice, lace and multi colored braid trim and cream lace over red panels , matching bonnet, antique dotted Swiss white cotton underwear, antique brown socks and cream leather shoes, pretty oval antique gold filled bar pin with engraved name of Martha.

MARKS:                  S 8 ½ H 1009

CONDITION: Excellent. Fine quality smooth and evenly fired bisque with expert and delicate painting of features, crisp modeling of attractive face. The original body in fair condition with crazing and paint retouch with some restoration of the some fingers. This is an early SH Black doll with a hint of a smile. She wears a stunning original dress!

PRICE: $2900.

REDUCED: $2700

13.5" Barrois Fashion Poupee Peau with Bisque Arms


Pressed bisque shoulder-head on a straight limbed kidskin body original bisque arms. Gorgeous blue almond shaped glass inset eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, pale multi stroked arching brows, closed full mouth with shading and accents, lovely auburn mohair wig. Dressed in an outstanding recently made couture fashion two piece dress consisting of an olive green silk walking two piece suit with brown trim, wonderful checked ribbon trim and green velvet bows, original antique underwear, old fashioned straw hat with feathers, original tans stockings and antique black leather shoes with metal buckles.

MARKS: (no visible marks- but marks may be hidden under the kidskin covering of the shoulderplate)

CONDITION: Excellent. Gorgeous pressed very pale bisque head with lovely blush on cheeks, delicate painting of features and crisp modeling of very attractive square shaped face (typical of early Barrois heads) with a hint of a tender smile. The original body in good sturdy condition and wonderfully modeled bisque hands (one with restoration. A very chic little lady!.

Snow White & The Seven Dwarves by John Wright MIB


16" and 9", molded felt, fully jointed.

Edition Notes: Ltd. Ed. 2500.
Here is a complete set with original boxes and tags. The dolls have never been removed from the boxes. Some dust to the surface of the boxes but the dolls are in mint condition. These have all the same series number of 506


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20" Konig & Wericke 1070 Character Toddler


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood chunky Toddler body with slant hip joints. Blue fixed eyes with painted lower lashes, feathered “fly away” brows, open mouth with two upper teeth and molded tongue, shading and highlights to the lips, light blond mohair wig with wonderful antique two tone blue and white silk bow. Dressed in an adorable antique blue and white girl’s sailor costume with box pleated skirt, long top with blue square back collar, blue cuffs and matching sailor’s bow, antique circular enameled pin, , sweet white cotton slip with open work embroidery and tucks, white lace edged pantaloons, antique cream ribbed cotton knit socks, antique black oilcloth shoes with metal buckles.

MARKS:                     K & W

CONDITION: Excellent! This has excellent quality bisque, expert painting, crisp modeling, gentle blushing, nice character expression. The fully jointed toddler body in excellent condition but with an old repaint. This is a character by this respected German firm made circa 1910. An endearing girl with so much appeal and dressed in an outstanding period sailor costume. This lovely doll is a must for any collection of character dolls!

12" Gebruder Heubach 8420 Pouty Child


Pink bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood body. Blue sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, feathered two-tone brows, closed mouth down-turned corners, dark center line, original antique dark blond human hair wig in braids. Dressed in an antique pink dotted Swiss cotton dress with lace edging and lace ruffled collar, pink silk sash, white cotton lace edged underwear, antique socks and antique black oilcloth shoes, straw hat, gold filled pin on dress.

                         (Square Heubach Logo)

CONDITION: Generally Excellent. Good quality oily bisque head with good quality bisque, crisp modeling of adorable sad and pouty face, expert and detailed painting of features, gentle color. The body in good condition with shapely limbs and original finish but with areas of flaking paint. This uncommon mold has an extreme pouty expression looking like she is about to cry. Her antique costume is very sweet and her original wig styled in braids adds to her appeal!!!


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