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29" Chunky SFBJ 301 Tete Jumeau Bebe


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed and original SFBJ French composition and wood body with the oval JUMEAU label. Lovely blue sleep eyes with painted lower lashes, multi stroke brows, open mouth with shading and accents, six upper teeth (one chipped), pierced ears antique glass bead earrings, light blond mohair wig with extensions. Dressed in a wonderful antique white cotton dress with rows of pin-tucks, insertion lace lovely lace bib collar and lace sleeves, white cotton slip and lace edged pantaloons, antique white socks, antique black leather shoes antique pink silk sash at the dropped waist.

MARKS:                      1926
Red stamp :              TETE JUMEAU
Paper label on rear torso : Bebe Jumeau
                           Diplôme d ‘Honeur

CONDITION: Excellent. Fine quality bisque head with expert painting of features, crisp modeling of sweet face, lovely sleep eyes! The original body good original finish but there is some typical flaking of the painted surface upper legs and a segment of paint missing at the rear right upper leg. An endearing Jumeau Bebe with Hypnotic eyes!!!! WOW!

24" Belton Type 103 Child


Solid dome bisque socket head with three stringing holes on top of her head mounted on a fully jointed German body with straight wrists. Gorgeous large blue spiral paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, finely feathered flat brows, closed mouth with shading and accent lines and white area between lips, full
Square cheeks, pierced ears with antique glass bead earrings, lovely full blond mohair wig with cream silk bows. Dressed in an exquisite blue silk couture bebe frock with lace trim and piping, cream silk brocade bows lace trim, antique gold front bar pin, antique long navy blue stockings with lighter blue segments at the heels and toes, antique lace-up cream oilcloth shoes with silk pompoms. A really stupendous presentation!

MARKS:                       103

CONDITION: Excellent. Very fine quality bisque with pale coloring, expert decoration of features and very crisp modeling of attractive and sweet face probably meant to copy the early French Portrait Jumeau. The body in excellent original finish condition with very minor age wear. Two fingers are repaired. Dating from the early 1880s and made for the French market. Very nice larger example of this Belton type closed mouth doll! Her chubby cheeks and imploring paperweight eyes are quite compelling!!

PRICE: $3,500.

15" Simon & Halbig 1329 Oriental

All Antique

Amber tinted bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood amber body with original paint. Original Brown sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes plus fabulous original real lashes and slight oriental slant modeling, molded and feathered black brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, pierced ears with pretty antique glass bead earrings, lovely original black mohair wig with applied cloth flowers. Dressed in a very pretty original antique red, cream, tan and pink, blue print cotton Kimono with pretty antique maroon silk sash, antique cotton underwear, cream socks and, black oilcloth shoes.

MARKS:                        1329
                          SIMON & HALBIG
                                 S & H

CONDITION: Excellent. Flawless bisque head with deep and crisp modeling, expert painting of features, pleasant Asian coloring with original sleep eye-set (with excellent original hair lashes). The body in excellent original finish condition. This is a very beautiful doll with the desirable long face modeling and milder Asian features and a stunning German antique costume. She is a sassy little fire-cracker!

12.5" Bahr & Proschild 204


Solid domed bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood body. Blue spiral fixed eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke stacked brows, closed mouth with white space between the lips, pierced ears, dimpled chin, gorgeous blond mohair wig. Dressed in a very lovely antique ecru silk with floral print dropped waist dress with lace trim, pleated skirt, , antique lace edged underwear, cream rayon socks, black leather shoes, pretty antique pink silk bow in her hair.

MARKS:                       204

CONDITION: Excellent. Perfect and lovely pale, glowing bisque with expert decoration of features as well as very crisp modeling of her very sweet face distinguished by her expressive mouth and deep chin dimple.. The body in good condition but with typical wear and flaking of the paint surface on the wooden parts and age soiling. It may have been re-varnished at some point, but the original finish is still visible and it is not repainted. A really lovely doll produced for the French market—just one look at her adorable, shy face and you are sure to fall in love!

PRICE: $1,850.

REDUCED: $1,600

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26" Eden Bebe by Francois Gaultier on a Gesland Body


Pressed bisque socket head on a fully jointed French GESLAND body (stuffed pink cloth body with internal jointed metal armature, composition arms, shoulder-plate and lower legs). Beautiful blue almond cut eyes paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke flat brows, open mouth with upper teeth, pierced ears with earrings, full fine quality brown human hair wig over cork pate. Wearing a very pretty antique cotton pale blue organdy with lovely lace overlay, wonderful starched white cotton and lace with insertion ribbons, antique pin silk stockings sewn on, antique brown leather shoes, lovely straw bonnet with lace and ribbon trim, antique pin.

MARKS:                    EDEN BEBE

ON BODY:              BEBE A. GESLAND
                           BREVte S.G.D.G.
                          5. Rue Beranger 5.

CONDITION: Generally good. There is a chip to the outside bottom corner of the left eye which has been temporarily restored along with a small crescent crack right below the chip which has also been temporarily restored. The composition shoulderplate is chipping and the lower forearms and hands are repainted with chipping and the stringing of the hands is loose. There are age stains to the cloth surface of the body. The joints move but they are somewhat stiff. The lower composition legs have not been completely examined as the stockings are sewn to the upper legs. Good quality pale bisque with pleasant coloring, excellent painting of features, crisp modeling of gorgeous face. A pretty French Bebe with appealing huge eyes and slightly smiling mouth!!!

9" Oriental 4900 Child by Schoenhau & Hoffmeister

All Original

Amber tinted bisque socket head on a fully jointed amber tinted composition original body with straight jointed wrists. Brown fixed eyes with extremely slanted eye-cut, painted upper and lower lashes, black tapered brows slanting up, wide modeled nose, open mouth with four upper teeth, original black mohair wig in original Japanese style hairdo. Dressed in her original antique ecru, red and beige kimono with black collar, red inside collar, yellow sash, cloth flowers in her hair, white cotton antique underwear, white cotton socks and woven straw shoes.

MARKS:                       4900
                              S  PB  H (in a five pointed star)

CONDITION: Excellent. The finest quality bisque with smooth and fine finish, lovely amber color, fabulous modeling of oriental face with the sweetest expression, expert and delicate painting of features. The original body in super clean condition with a clean original finish. What a darling little oriental doll! One of the curiosities of the German doll industry, this charming doll preceded the much talked about Character Era by at least 15 years. SHE IS JUST TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!


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