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21" Alt, Beck & Gottschalck 911 Antique Doll


Bisque socket head with two stringing holes on top of her head mounted on a fully jointed German composition and wood body with straight wrists. Gorgeous large almond shaped blue spiral paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, finely feathered flat brows, closed mouth with shading and accent lines and white area between lips, full square cheeks, pierced-in ears with antique glass bead earrings, lovely full blond mohair wig with cream white bow. Dressed in an exquisite antique pink cotton dress with fine rows of pin-tucks on her bodice and insertion cream lace, lace trim at the waist and cuffs and collar, double row of tucks at the hem, matching white ribbon sash at the waist, antique muslin chemise, antique full pantaloons with lace edging, antique pink cotton knit socks, antique brown leather shoes with tan edge stitching and brown silk pom-poms, mop side button to close the single strap, all in excellent condition! A really sweet presentation!

MARKS:        911 (incised on inside crown rim)

CONDITION: Excellent. Very fine quality bisque with pale coloring, expert decoration of features and very crisp modeling of attractive and sweet face probably meant to copy the early round face Steiner. Minor teeny wig pulls to the upper crown rim. The body in excellent original finish condition with very minor age wear but there is a well done repair to the fingers of the left hand. Dating from the early 1880s and made for the French market. Very nice larger example of this closed mouth doll! Her chubby cheeks and imploring paperweight eyes are quite compelling!!

PRICE: $2,600.


30" Heinrich Handwerck 109


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood body signed Handwerck. Large brown sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke molded brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, dimpled chin, pierced ears with faux pearl drop earrings, lovely light blond mohair wig with extensions. Dressed in a very pretty antique white cotton dress with tucks and lace ruffles (very minor stain to the skirt), lovely pink bows, cotton underwear, cream net stockings, vintage white leather shoes, antique brass bar pin on her dress, pretty pink bow in her hair.

MARKS:                   109 15 X

CONDITION: Excellent. Fine quality bisque with expert and delicate painting of features, crisp modeling of lovely face, pleasant color. Some wig pulls to the rear upper crown rim The original body with original finish and perfect hands. An exceptional example of this lovely desirable Handwerck mold in a nice larger size!!

24" Henri Alexandre Phenix French Bebe


Pressed bisque socket head on a five piece jointed original French composition body with straight wrists. Beautiful deep blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke feathered arching brows, closed mouth with deep shading and accents, pierced ears with antique bead earrings, lovely blond original hand tied Human hair wig. Wearing an exquisite antique pink and cream cotton/silk brocade dress with self ruffle at the hem and bodice, lace trim, cross stitch accents at the elbows, fully lined, antique cotton pantaloons with lace and pink ribbons. Original pink cotton knit socks with original pink silk bebe shoes with pompoms, lovely pink ruffled hat with cloth flower trim in rose tones, antique bar pin on her dress. silk and wool plaid French bebe frock with lace ruffle around the collar, antique underwear, black socks antique red leather shoes. All topped off with an attractive antique black wire-worked bonnet with applied flowers.

MARKS:                       PHENIX

CONDITION: Excellent. Pale bisque, gentle coloring, expert painting of delicate features, very crisp modeling of inquisitive and loving face. The original body in clean and sturdy condition but having an old repaint and the tips of her fingers show typical age wear. This Henri Alexandre (the successor of Jules Steiner) Bebe with wonderful modeling and features has a surreal aura with an intelligent regard. Her antique costume also makes an exquisite presentation. The most beautiful Phenix I have ever seen!!!!

PRICE: $5,200.

18" Kestner 171

Known as "Daisy"

Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood
body signed GERMANY. Blue sleep eyes with painted lower lashes, molded and feathered brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, blond mohair wig. Dressed in a lovely antique blue and white cotton print dress with pin flowers and blue silk sash, antique slip, white cotton pantaloons with lace edge, blue net socks and blue leather shoes , pretty matching blue silk bow in her hair.

MARKS:              C    made in   1

CONDITION: Generally Excellent. Fine quality bisque with expert decoration of features, expressive and crisp modeling of lovely face, subtle coloring. The original body in excellent condition with a light repaint and the left hand having two repaired fingers . A rare example of this very desirable and lovely doll! What makes her a true Daisy is her 18 size. The Daisy is very hard to come by these days as many collectors are scooping off the market.

19.5" Rare Gebrder Heubach Santa


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood body. Blue sleep eyes with string upper and painted lower lashes, multi stroked, stacked brows, open mouth with four upper teeth and characteristic lower lip mark, paper tongue, very pretty original antique blond mohair wig. Dressed in an antique white cotton dotted Swiss dress with lace trim and tucking, pink silk sash and matching hair bow, antique white cotton underwear with elaborately embroidered eyelet slip and lace edging to her pantaloons, brown stockings and antique blue high lace up oilcloth shoes with metal buckles.

MARKS:                        5730
                       (Heubach Sunburst insignia)

CONDITION: Excellent. A very lovely bisque head with fine quality pale bisque, very crisp and deep modeling of lovely and desirable Santa features, expert painting and glowing color. Tiny black speck above the left upper lip.. She has an angelic face and a sensuous mouth! The original body in original finish condition with typical very minor age wear and one finger well repaired. This is one of the rarest of all the SANTA molds!! A real Beauty!!!!

REDUCED: $1,900

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28" Kestner 146 All Antique
(except wig)


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood body signed EXCELSIOR. Beautiful Blue sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, earlier flat multi-stroke brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, dimpled chin, blond long-tail mohair wig over original plaster pate. Dressed in a wonderful antique white dotted Swiss cotton and lace dress with large Bertha collar, insertion lace, antique white cotton underwear and slip, black knit socks and antique cream oilcloth shoes, pretty pink hair bow, and pink sash.

MARKS:                      made in
                       L    Germany   15

CONDITION: Excellent. Lovely pale bisque with expert painting of features, very crisp modeling, pleasant color, lovely large eyes, sweet expression. The original Kestner body in fine, shiny original condition including her lovely hands but showing some minor age wear. This is a very lovely Kestner child with renowned Kestner quality craftsmanship! A fine example of the earlier model with a very pretty character look face and beautiful blue eyes and demure, curt mouth!!



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