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31" French Bebe

unmarked SFBJ 301

Bisque socket head on a fully jointed and very chunky French composition and wood body. Lovely blue sleep eyes with real upper and painted lower lashes, thick multi stroke molded brows, open smiling mouth with shading, accent lines and six upper teeth, pierced ears, lovely blond mohair wig with extensions. Wearing a very pretty antique white cotton dress with three rows of insertion lace upper bodice alternating with four panels of 8 pin-tucked vertical rows, feather stitched accent band, cream silk sash, pretty yellow cotton bonnet with lace trim, antique full slip with insertion lace, large cotton panties, antique long net stockings in very pale pink, antique white leather single strap shoes with pink cloth edging and pretty glass luster buttons, mop buckles, faux pearl necklace. A really pretty big girl!


CONDITION: Excellent. The gorgeous head with flawless bisque, pleasant color, expert painting of delicate features, crisp modeling of very attractive and happy face. The original body is in excellent condition including perfect hands but may have a possible factory repaint.. (Repaint on these later Jumeau dolls is actually good as many dolls begin to peel and chip with age, so the repaint often preserves the doll body better than if left alone). What a big and beautiful French Bebe!

11.5" French Character Limoges in Unusual Original Costume


Here is a very unique Limoges doll to represent a man in original antique red and black silk costume. He has a bisque socket head on a five piece jointed French body. He has lovely large brown inset glass eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, flat feathered brows, open closed mouth with eight molded upper teeth, original light brown long mohair wig. He is dressed in a red and black silk robe with large red silk covered buttons down the front black panel, black cuffs, matching red silk hat with black band, black woolen trousers, black woolen sleeves, white organdy pleated collar , white shirt, black net socks, original black leather shoes with one metal buckle missing,

                             J E. Masson
                                 N 2 0
                               A l & Co

CONDITION: Excellent. Fine quality bisque head with skilled painting of features, pleasant color, crisp modeling of very interesting character face. Some typical graininess to the bisque. The original body is in good original condition but cannot be completely examined due to the costume which is sewn on. This rare French character man comes to you straight from my personal collection. A later doll made by the famous Limoges porcelain factory circa 1920, he has commanding presence and a dramatic costume. Add some wild French Flair to your collection!

PRICE: $1,150

31" Schoenau & Hoffmeister

All Original Antique Doll circa 1906

She has a bisque socket head on a fully jointed original composition body. Pretty blue sleep eyes, with painted upper and lower lashes plus real upper lashes, molded and multi stroke brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, original dark blond human hair wig. She’s wearing a well loved antique pale blue cotton dress with lace bib and cuffs, antique ribbons (wear to the dress especially at the sleeves which are thread bare), three layers of original underwear, cream net stockings, antique cream cloth shoes (worn), antique style bar pin engraved design.

MARKS:                      S  PB  H
                              1906 /14

CONDITION: Excellent. Good quality bisque head with gentle coloring, skilled painting of features, very crisp modeling. The original body is in excellent original finish condition with practically no age wear and both original hands are perfect. A lovely larger antique doll.

21" Early Mark Simon & Halbig 1009


Fired in brown bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition body with straight wrists. Large brown original fixed eyes with painted upper and lower black lashes, multi stroke flat early black brows, open mouth with four square cut upper teeth, dimpled chin, pierced ears, long black French human hair wig. Dressed an adorable antique cotton white dress with tiny black and red floral print, bouffant bodice with dropped waist with red ribbon sash, white cotton sleeves with lace edge, eyelet upper bodice, lace ruffle at the hem, antique full slip with lace edge dress with eyelet lace, antique cotton full slip with lace edge, high black silk stockings, antique black oilcloth shoes with high heels and metal buckles, wonderful antique red wool hat with large black bow, lovely antique red and white glass bead earrings, lovely antique gold front bar pin on her dress.

                        S 12 H 739 DEP

CONDITION: Generally excellent. Evenly fired smooth brown bisque with expert and delicate painting of features, crisp modeling, very nice rich chocolate brown tone, cold-painted lips. There are typical wig pulls surrounding the upper crown rim. The original brown body in very good condition, but the upper thighs are repainted and the hands have two repaired fingers. What a gorgeous perfect face and a fabulous all antique costume!!!

PRICE: $2,750.

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33” SIMON & HALBIG 1079


Bisque socket head on a bisque shoulder plate with fully jointed and original composition and pink kid doll body with composition lower legs and fully jointed composition arms. Huge blue sleep eyes with painted lower lashes and real upper lashes, molded and feathered brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, dimpled chin, pierced ears, gorgeous blond mohair wig with extensions. Dressed in an antique white cotton dress with rose of insertion lace, antique cotton chemise, antique half slip, antique cream stockings, vintage tan leather shoes, antique bonnet with rows of lace, lovely pink silk ribbon in her hair and pink silk sash at the dropped waist, faux pearl necklace.


CONDITION: Excellent! Fine quality bisque head with smooth pale and glowing bisque, expert painting and crisp modeling of absolutely gorgeous face with the hugest eyes (small fracture to the right eyeball). There are two small chips behind the ears are all that prevent this head from being flawless. The good quality original pink kid body in original condition with just some minor wear and soiling around the collar. The hands with original finish are a slightly different color and one finger re-glued. This large example of the very popular 1079. She is a beautiful big girl on a rare pink kid body!!! !

PRICE: $1,600.

HUGE 36” SUPER RARE Exposed & Pierced Ear Antique China Doll!
So-called "Adelina Patti"

Up for sale is this INCREDIBLE FIND! An early, beautiful china girl, she has a lovely swept back hairdo with finger curls around the head, center part, exposed ears which are pierced and wearing lovely antique white drop bead earrings. She has a serene smile, sweet blue eyes and rosy cheeks. She is on her antique original cloth body with china lower arms and lower legs with molded green high button boots with black tips, heels and tassels. The body and limbs are most likely ORIGINAL although it is important to note that the china legs and arms have a different density and quality of porcelain than the head. This is possibly due to the fact that these heads were sold without bodies and the bodies and limbs were added by the buyers later. Her costume is absolutely lovely- an early brown velvet and ecru lace trim and lined in forest green silk, original antique cotton undergarments with bosom stuffing to add shape to the torso. She has a sweet metal pendant with drop pears dangling at the bottom.

MARKS:    (none)

CONDITION: Excellent. She is in display ready condition. The back and top of her head have typical wear marks to the high points, but such is to be expected of a 130 year old doll! The body is in great condition. This doll was obviously loved a great deal! She has a lovely overall quality with expert painted features and sensitive molding. What a wonderful presentation she makes! Her earrings are lovely and her boots are truly exquisite!

PRICE: $1,500.



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