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Bisque socket head on a fully jointed Schmitt-type Sonneberg Composition and wood with straight wrists and large hip balls. She has deep blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroked feathered brows, closed mouth with shading and accents and white space in the middle, dimpled chin, pierced ears with antique bead earrings, lovely soft blond mohair wig. Dressed in a sweet pale peach/pink cotton and lace dress with dropped waist, insertion lace tucks, silk under dress, antique half slip of cotton with featherstitching and a pretty antique onesie chemise with attached pantaloons, black cotton knit stockings, antique white cloth shoes, pretty oval gold front antique bar name pin with the name “Isabella” engraved in script. She also wears a lovely antique hat with feathers and cloth floral trim.

MARKS:                    DEP

CONDITION: Excellent. Fine quality very pale bisque head with pleasant pale color, very crisp and deep modeling of lovely face with expert painting of features. Some flakes at the ear pierce holes. The original body is in fine and sturdy condition but some areas of repair and retouch particularly at the joints and fingers. A rarer doll, she commands a lot of respect for her loveliness and poise! Closed mouth DEPs are rare and they also represent a collaboration between French and German Doll manufacturing in the early part of the 20th century. It is generally accepted that Simon & Halbig produced the DEP heads for Jumeau. A really adorable charmer in a lovely costume and perfect display ready condition.

PRICE: $2700

23" French Bebe Mascotte


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed French body with jointed wrists. Beautiful almond shaped blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke feathered brows, closed mouth with shading and accents, pierced ears with pretty earrings, lovely honey blond mohair wig. Wearing a lovely antique pale pink cotton bebe dress with lace trim and pale pink silk sash with bow, antique underwear, antique black net socks antique French black leather shoes. All topped off with a wonderful antique pink silk hat with lace overlay and lace ruffles and pink silk shirred ribbon, faux pearl choker necklace.

MARKS:                         M

CONDITION: Excellent. Virtually flawless, the powdery pale bisque head with very gentle coloring, expert painting of delicate features, crisp modeling of serene and loving face with a wonderful smile. The body in clean and sturdy original finish condition with just minor retouch to the right hand, forearm and lower legs. This stunningly pretty French Bebe this little known maker has the look of a Figure C Steiner and the definite appeal of the French Bebes of her period. A very special and memorable French doll! She is sure to get “under your skin!”

PRICE: $6,000

15" Kammer & Reinhardt Pouty 115 A Character Pouty Girl


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood toddler body with slant hips. Beautiful blue sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, tapered, “fly away” brows, closed mouth with shading, and down-turned corners creating a pouting expression, blond mohair wig. Dressed in an wonderful antique white cotton and lace dress with fine pin tucks and insertion lace, pink ribbon at the dropped waist, antique eyelet slip, antique pantaloons, antique white socks and antique two toned black and white leather shoes with curved soles, pink silk bow in her hair and an antique gold front bar pin with the name Leah engraved on the face.

MARKS:              V/ K & R (Star of David Logo)
                        S & H / 115 A
CONDITION: Excellent. Fine and excellent quality bisque, expert painting, crisp modeling, gentle blushing, nice character expression with the desirable pouty closed mouth. Miniscule eye rim flake. The fully jointed Kammer & Reinhardt toddler body in excellent condition with hardly any age wear. Hands are somewhat small. This is a rare pouting character by this respected German firm. An endearing child with so much appeal and dressed in an outstanding period costume. This pouty is a must for any collection of character dolls! A really nice find!

PRICE: $4,100.

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Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood lady body with bosom and slim waist and slender arms and legs. Lovely blue sleep eyes with painted lower lashes, feathered brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, pierced ears with antique glass bead earrings, antique light brown mohair wig in original up swept do, Dressed in a superb antique skirt and blouse set consisting of a superb antique dotted Swiss blouse with mop buttons, insertion lace , long puffy sleeves with narrow cuffs, lovely brown cotton skirt with self ruffle trim at the hem, original antique underwear consisting of a wonderful half slip with layered ruffled and lace edged him with tucks, fitted bodice teddy with lace edge, matching pantaloons with lace edge, cream socks, antique black oilcloth high heeled high button boots (some wear), and a wonderful antique blue enameled bar pin on her blouse! Just a truly lovely presentation reminiscent of the Gibson Girl.

MARKS:                        1159
S & H


CONDITION: Excellent. Lovely fine bisque with expert decoration of features, expressive and crisp modeling of demure lady face with slender nose and oval face, subtle coloring, long cheek modeling, penetrating blue eyes (real lashes are mostly gone). Flake at the left ear pierce hole. The wonderful lady body in clean and shiny original finish condition. A fine example of this very beautiful and elusive mold with a very ladylike demeanor in an attractive antique costume and fabulous original wig!!

PRICE: $2100.


Here is an absolutely GORGEOUS Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood body signed Handwerck. Big blue flirting eyes with painted lower lashes, tin sleep lids, feathered and molded brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, dimpled chin, pierced ears, beautiful blond mohair hair wig with extensions. Dressed in a lovely antique white cotton dress with rows of tucking, hand crocheted bib collar and wide hem, lace trim at the collar and sleeves. antique pink sash, antique full slip with lace trim and antique half slip with insertion lace and lace edge, nylon panties, underwear, light brown cotton knit antique stockings and wonderful antique pink leather shoes (some wear), large pink bow in hair. MARKS:

CONDITION: Excellent. Gorgeous, nice quality bisque with expert and delicate painting of features, crisp modeling of lovely face, pleasant warm color. Some wig pulls around the crown rim under the wig. The original body with original finish but showing typical age wear commensurate with her age of over 100 years. The original hands in original finish but the fingernails have been polished in pink.

An exceptional example of this rare and lovely Handwerck mold in a nice larger size and wearing a lovely antique costume appropriate to her time period!! And her uncommon flirty eyes give her a compelling allure that is hard to resist!

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11" Rare Size 2 Brown SFBJ Jumeau Mold Bebe

With Circle Mark  - Bleuette Size

Brown fired-in bisque socket head on a Jumeau fully jointed composition and wood body with jointed wrists and original brown finish. Lovely large brown paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroked feathered brows, open, mouth with six upper teeth, pierced ears, original dark brown Negroid human hair wig over original cardboard pate. Wearing a lovely factory muslin rust colored factory dropped waist with box pleats, lace trim, muslin pleated underskirt with scalloped trim at the hem, antique pantaloons, antique cream knit socks, antique black oilcloth shoes with snaps, old taupe straw bonnet with Burgundy trim with applied flowers and buds antique bar pin on her dress.

MARKS :                      SFBJ

CONDITION: Excellent! Good brown bisque with expert painting of features and crisp modeling of very endearing face with smooth brown color with slight nose rub which has been touched-up. The original body in excellent condition including lovely hands the body incised 2 on the back of torso and 2 on the base of the feet. This beautiful and desirable size 2 SFBJ Jumeau has an alert presence with a look class! She would be the perfect companion for your Bleuette!



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