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Bisque socket head on a fully jointed Jumeau body with blue Jumeau stamp. Wonderful HUGE chocolate brown paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke brows, luscious closed mouth with shading and accents, pierced ears with antique bead earrings, original cork pate plus and lovely blond mohair wig with silky curls. Wearing an exquisite and wonderful antique organdy cotton dress with rows of undulating pink silk ribbon trim and self ruffles and insertion lace, copious ruffles and wonderful lace edging to the sleeves and collar, matching under-dress with ruffled hem, antique white cotton underwear with insertion lace and lace trim, antique cotton pantaloons with lace trim, short white socks. Antique cream leather lace-up boots with pompoms and pink ribbons, antique net bonnet with wonderful ecru silk ribbon flowerettes, lace and net ruffled trim, antique oval gold filled pin on her dress inscribed “Delphine.” WOW—Where can you find another fine Huge Jumeau French Bebe like this?

Bte. S. G. D. G.
on body Blue Jumeau Stamp:
Bte. S. G. D. G.

CONDITION: Excellent. The gorgeous head with creamy bisque, pleasant color, expert painting of delicate features, crisp modeling of very endearing face with lively animation. There is a teeny speck above the upper lip and the left earlobe has had some restoration, possibly to restore a chipped ear- but other than that, the head is virtually flawless! The original body is in excellent original finish condition with just minor and typical flaking to the joint areas. What a gorgeous and HUGE Jumeau! I never cease to fall in love with these French beauties! And this big girl definitely has “The Look!”!! Where can you find another one this big in such and extraordinary costume in excellent condition????

PRICE: $7300.

15” GEBRUDER KUHNLENS BRU 34-26 Antique Doll circa 1880

to emulate the French Bru Bebe

Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood Sonnenburg body with jointed wrists. Blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, feathered brows, closed mouth with shading, pierced ears with antique turquoise and faux pearl bead earrings, beautiful blond mohair wig with blue silk bow.
Dressed in a pretty antique cream cotton print dress with pale floral print, antique white cotton onesie and antique white cotton half slip with rows of tucks and lace bottom, striped cotton antique socks in pink and white, antique black leather shoes with metal buckles.

MARKS:                       G K

CONDITION: A small eye flake to the lower left eye-cut has been retouched. Otherwise this is a beautifully executed head with fine pale bisque, expert painting of delicate features and superior modeling of exact copy of the Bru Jne doll of the same era (circa 1885). The original body with some typical age wear, chipping and flaking. This is indeed the most beautiful GK Bru that I have ever seen. I have seen these dolls sell for more than $6000 when perfect. I just can’t get enough of her face!!! She may be more beautiful than an actual Bru! A wonderful piece of doll history! Wow this is a true opportunity to own a really rare antique doll! WHERE CAN YOU FIND ANOTHER?

PRICE: $3050.



Poured bisque socket head in fired-in brown bisque on a fully jointed composition and wood original brown composition body with jointed wrists. Lovely brown sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroked feathered black brows, open full, slightly smiling mouth (with fired-in shiny lip gloss) with six upper molded teeth, pierced ears with antique bead earrings, antique l dark brown human hair wig. Wearing a wonderful antique red grosgrain silk dress with pink print silk piping and waist band, antique onesie underwear, antique half slip, brown stockings, black oilcloth shoes with metal buckles, antique gold front name pin engraved “Gussie,” and topped off with a wonderful antique straw hat with rust silk top and lace and flower trim.

S & H
CONDITION: The head was broken and re-glued in the back in a few areas that have now been reinforced with epoxy. The front, sides and neck of her face are virtually untouched by the damage which is all in the back! She has gorgeous bisque with expert painting of features and crisp ethnic modeling of very endearing face with smooth brown color and luscious lips!. The modeling of the black features is wonderful including the hint of two dimples at the sides of her nose. Typical and very minor light spots to the crown rim where the wig was removed do not detract or devalue. The original body is in very good original finish condition with shiny original finish with minor wear to the hands and two fingers are rebuilt on the right hand. Both feet have had rebuilding of the toes and the neck socket of the torso has also been reinforced and rebuilt.

                                                                                                                         This beautiful Brown character has a tender presence with a shy expression and a lovely costume! An outstanding example by this revered German firm. This very rare model of the African/mulatto child is so rare in this super large size. I have seen this same mold in the 14” size sell for $10,000. So despite her hidden damage, this is still a doll to be seriously considered by any advanced collector. I would venture to say that if she were perfect she could command up to $20,000. But due to her hidden damage, I am listing her at just $6300. I doubt that you will come across another such wonderful example! In fact, I would love to keep her in my personal collection—but I value my marriage more. LOL

PRICE: $6300.



Bisque socket head on a fully jointed signed JUMEAU composition and wood body. Huge blue sleep eyes with painted lower lashes and real upper lashes, multi stroked feathered and molded brows, open mouth four upper teeth, dimpled chin, pierced ears with earrings, blond mohair wig with extensions. Dressed in a wonderful royal blue silk brocade bebe frock with wonderful antique lace front, super braiding accents and pompoms, antique full slip with matching pantaloons, stunning matching blue bonnet with copious floral, ribbon and feather trimmings and lace brim, black lace socks and antique cream leather shoes (some wear and repair), stunning antique pin on her dress.

TETE JUMEAU (red stamp)
Blue stamp on rump:
Bte. S.G.D.G. --DEPOSE

CONDITION: Excellent. Nice quality bisque head with pleasant color, very crisp and deep modeling of lovely face with expert painting of features. The original French chunky body in fine condition but typical flaking of paint at the joints, hands feet and forearms. (Factory split torso meant to incorporate the internal crier). A very chunky French Bebe in a lovely costume with very desirable markings!!

PRICE: $1550.

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16.5" Gebruder Heubach 7246 Pouty Child All Antique


Pink bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood body. Blue sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, feathered brows, closed mouth down-turned corners, dark center line, original light blond mohair wig. Dressed in an antique white organdy dress with patterned black and white dotted Swiss polka-dots, three rows of tucks at the hemline and two at the sleeves, antique white cotton slip with embroidered edge, pantaloons, antique cream socks and wonderful antique two tone cream and black oilcloth shoes with matching pierced holes on top and signed Germany on the curved soles, antique velvet hat with embroidered flowers and pink silk ties.

                               72 46
                      (Heubach sunburst logo)

CONDITION: Excellent. Fine quality bisque head with crisp and deep modeling of adorable sad and pouting face, skilled painting of features, gentle color. The body in good condition with typical age wear and it has been re-varnished but not repainted. This uncommon mold has an extreme pouty expression looking like she is about to cry. A really adorable and desirable pouty character with the desirable closed mouth and glass eyes. Her costume and shoes are also outstanding. A museum worthy all antique doll!

PRICE: $2,900.

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11" Kestner 247 Character Baby


Bisque socket head on a five piece bent limb jointed composition baby doll body. Blue sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke feathered brows, open mouth with two upper teeth, dimpled inner cheeks, original blond mohair wig. Dressed in her original long antique baby gown of white cotton with lace trim and pin-tucked bodice, matching antique under-gown. Also wearing a flannel diaper and blue knit booties and a lovely antique frilly and lacy cotton baby bonnet with white ribbon ties.

                             C made in 7.

CONDITION: Excellent. Fine quality bisque with well defined features and expert painting of wonderful character. The wax on the sleep lids is intact as is the original plaster pate (which will have to be removed for shipping). The original body in excellent original finish condition with only very minor signs of age wear. A vary sweet Kestner character also known as “Hilda’s sister.” This is an outstanding example with the most beautiful expression of all! What a darling little bundle of joy!!

 PRICE: $1,650.


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