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20" Extremely Rare Alt, Beck & Gottschalck 915 to represent a French Petit Et Dumontier Bebe c. 1880


Bisque socket head on a fully jointed early German composition and wood body with straight wrists. Gorgeous original blue spiral fixed eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, multi stroke flat brows, closed, slightly smiling mouth with shading, gorgeous blond mohair wig plus her original strawberry human hair wig. Dressed in a beautiful and possibly original pale green silk frock with black silk front, with chantilly lace, black silk sash at the dropped waist, black silk cuffs, nice ecru lace at the cuffs and collar, fully lined with hooked rear closures, antique cotton and lace slip and matching pantaloons, antique lace socks, antique black leather lace up boots with white leather lining, fabulous antique straw hat bedecked with frilly blue and white plumes and silk bow and lavender flower. WOW—WHAT A PRESENTATION!

on rim:                          915

CONDITION: Generally Excellent. She has nice quality pale bisque with pleasant color, finely painted features, well modeled square shaped face with somewhat smiling expression. This face is an exact copy of the Petit & Dumontier French Bebe of the same period. There is a small air-brushed spot about the size of a half dime over the left brow. I am assuming that it is covering nothing more than a speck as the trans-illumination does not show anything underneath. The body in very good original finish and showing very minor age wear with some touch up at the knees. A very extraordinary ABG child with a gorgeous face and with so much appeal. EXQUISITE!!

PRICE: $3,500.

21" "Hanna" Character Boy by Schoenau & Hoffheister


Bisque socket head on an unusual kid and composition body with composition shoulderplate, jointed composition upper and lower arms with ball joints and separate hands, pin hinged hips and knees with composition lower legs, . Blue sleep eyes painted lower lashes, multi stroke “fly-away” brows, open mouth with two upper teeth, original blond mohair wig, wearing a wonderful antique royal blue velvet sailor costume with cream cotton square collar, double breasted brass buttons, antique cream cotton under shirt with embroidered collar, antique cotton undergarments, cream cotton knit socks, antique cream oilcloth shoes, floppy red velvet hat with stitched rows on rim. , flannel diaper, rayon socks.

                        SPBH (in 5 pointed star)
                                 3 1/2

CONDITION: Excellent. Perfect quality head with pleasant color, well painted features. There is a teeny firing flaw at the right corner of the mouth hardly worth mentioning and the eye lid was is missing and a few isolated specks to the bisque which do not detract at all. The rarer original body in very good condition with the hands possible replacements. A cute character doll with a very alive expression! A real eye catcher. I am certain that all of your girl dollies will fall madly in love with him!

22" Jules N Steiner Fre A Bebe


Pressed bisque socket head on a fully jointed signed Steiner body. Lovely Steiner Blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, feathered brows, closed full mouth with accents and shading, dimpled chin, pierced ears with gold hoop earrings, and marvelous full light blond mohair wig over original cardboard pate and she has her original brown human hair wig. Dressed in a lovely antique white-wear dress with insertion lace, dropped waist, original antique full slip with lace edge, antique original pantaloons, antique original corset with lacing, antique white ribbed socks. Original antique cream kid shoes with impressed figure on the soles (typical of original Steiner shoes), wonderful antique bonnet with frilly ruffled triple brim and elaborated embroidery designs, antique bar pin on her dress, antique blue sash and sleeve ties. A really wonderful presentation!

MARKS:                    STEINER
                             Fre A 14
On body:
Blue stamp:
                            Le Petit Parisien
                            Bebe J. Steiner
                              Medaille d’Or
                             PARIS / 1889

CONDITION: Excellent! Gorgeous, flawless head is made of the finest quality powdery bisque with expert painting of features and crisp modeling of very charming face with a slightly worried look that Steiner’s known for. Teeny flakes by the ear pierce holes. The original signed Steiner body in excellent original finish condition with one hand repainted. This incredible lovely Steiner with a fabulous costume and antique original Steiner shoes (some patching) is sure to be a star in any fine collection of antique dolls! I LOVE HER!!!!

PRICE: $5,800

12.5" Brown Paris French Bebe


Fired-in bisque socket head on a fully jointed original brown bebe body. Brown/amber paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, brown multi stroke arching brows, closed mouth with shading, pierced ears with original brass ring earrings with original cork pate. Dressed in an antique dropped waist pink plaid cotton dress with antique undergarments, , original tan net socks, antique cream cloth shoes and a pretty straw bonnet with applied flowers and lace.

MARKS:                    PARIS BEBE
                            TETE DEPOSE

CONDITION; There is a very faint hairline on the right forehead which has been airbrushed (no facial features have been touched). Otherwise, fine quality and evenly fired brown bisque, superior and delicate painting of features, very crisp modeling of classic Jumeau face. The original body with original brown finish in good condition with minor and typical age wear. A real sweetheart—this gem is not frequently found and would make a perfect addition to any collection!!

17" Jumeau All Original Poupee Peau

circa 1872

Pressed bisque socket head on a pressed bisque shoulder plate with a kidskin body gusseted at the hips knees and elbows, individually stitched fingers with wires. Almond cut blue glass inset eyes with upper and lower painted lashes, mauve eye shadow and fine arching multi stroke brows, closed, slightly smiling mouth with shading and accent lines, pierced ears with original blue bead and brass earrings, original blond mohair wig in original set, original cork pate. Dressed in a very lovely period antique wool plaid in earth tones with applied lace panel, , antique underwear, pink net socks, original antique black leather shoes (one buckle missing). All topped off with a lovely and chic antique black straw hat with flowers, lace and feathers. She also wears an antique gold filled bar pin inscribed “MOTHER’S PRIDE.”

MARKS:                   None visible

CONDITION: EXCELLENT! This wonderful little fashion doll has lovely glowing bisque of the finest quality, expert painting of extremely delicate features and crisp modeling with pleasant pale coloring. A few insignificant pin point bumps at the left temple and lower right cheek. The original sturdy body is also in excellent condition as well but the hands are soiled and there is a wire protruding from the right arm. This stunning French lady will charm you with her tender and captivating allure!

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26" Kammer & Reinhardt 117n "Mein Liebling"

All Original

Bisque socket head on a fully jointed composition and wood German doll body. Blue eyes flirt from side to side with painted upper and lower lashers and tin sleep lids, feathered brows, open mouth with four upper teeth, dimpled chin, blond original human hair wig. Dressed in a lovely antique white cotton lace dress with lace trim antique pink silk sash, antique underwear, brown stockings, antique white cloth shoes with embroidery, antique straw hat with flower trim.

MARKS:                     K    &    R
                          SIMON & HALBIG

CONDITION: Excellent. Lovely quality smooth bisque with pleasant, lively coloring, expert and fine decoration of features, wonderfully sculptured modeling of adorable full face with character expression. The original “high knee” body in excellent condition with very minor age wear. A captivating doll with desirable flirting eyes, she is sure to catch your eye!!



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